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Navia is the capital of the council. It has a rich monumental, ethnographic and artistic heritage. Its old town still preservs the local colour. Navia was a compulsory crossing point and a place to rest to pilgrims who were going to Santiago and crossed the river by boats. Here you can find the natural ford of the Navia inlet and so the natural access point, through the valley, towards the interior of the region "Parque Histórico del Navia"


The village of Puerto de Vega won the Principe de Asturias award to the "Exemplary Town" of Asturias in 1995. It is on the north-east coast of the council, seven kilometres far away from Navia along the NV-2 local road that emerges from the N-634. It has one of the largest populations of the council. It has a fishing port, which in the past had a great commercial importance. The Asturian erudite Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos died in Puerto de Vega in 1811, in the Trelles Osorio house. In the village you can find a monument , a street and a Cultural Centre named after him. The main celebrations in the village take place between the 7th and the 10th of september to honour the "Virgen de la Atalaya" and the 18th of july in "Santa Marina". They usually organise many "sardinadas" or "bonitadas" (grilled sardine or tuna usually served in the street) during the summer.


Andés is located in the coast between Navia and Frejulfe beach. The "San Pedro" field is the heart of the village, where we can find "San Pedro" church and where the population celebrates a party honoring him on the 29th of June.


Piñera is 8,7 km away from the capital of the council. The birthplace of the famous poet Ramón de Campoamor is located there and its parish church is devoted to San Salvador. Piñera has a pilgrim hostel opened all year.        


Cabanella is 2,7 km away from the capital of the council. It has a recreation area named "Campo Los Paxaros", which is a green area with public lavatories, a few grills, wooden benches and tables and a fountain. 


Su templo parroquial está dedicado a San Bartolomé. Se encuentra a una distancia de 9.7 km de la capital del concejo.


Its parish church is devoted to San Miguel. It has a recreation area called Santa Lucía. This small village is 5,8 km away from Navia. The most important architectural work in Anleo is the "Anleo Palace", recently restored. It is L-shaped. From the XIII Century, it was the refuge of San Francisco de Asís in his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.


Villapedre is 8,2 km away from Navia. The parish church is devoted to Santiago de Villapedre. Its festivities take place on the 25th of July. Villapedre also lies on the northern route of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. Its communication network includes the national road N-634 (La Coruña road), and the narrow track railroad (FEVE) Ferrol-Gijón.

Navia Turismo
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