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Church of Nuestra Señora de la Barca – Navia


Finished in 1895 and built on the foundations of a Gothic Medieval church of the 14th Century. The church overlooks the Market Place, nowadays known as “El Pañolito”. “Nuestra Señora de la Barca” was designed by architect Luis Bellido González in neo-Gothic style. It has three naves, the central one endowed with two side chapels. Outside we can see a square tower, flanked by a wide transept. The church is presided by a neo-Gothic altarpiece, which was polychromed and gilded in 1954. The Gothic style church pulpit is remarkable for its bas relief work. The valuable golden and silver shrine and altarpiece are consecrated to the Immaculate Virgin. Two paintings by Alvaro Delgado, adoptive son of the village, represent Christ and The Holy Face.



Church Our Lady de La Barca

Church of Stª Marina de Puerto de Vega

Recently declared a historic site of interest, this church, known as “The Baroque Cathedral in Rural Style” was built between 1730 - 1749 by José González Muñiz and Jose Menéndez Camina, at the expense of the local   sailors- and traders guild. It bears two outer slate spire towers. The central nave has an entrance door with a segmental arch, a balcony, a clock and a pediment.  Inside there is a wide vaulted nave with two side-chapels below the transept gallery. The main altarpiece, made in Baroque style by sculptor José Bernardo de la Meana, is considered the church´s masterpiece. It was restored in 1996-97. Outstanding artistic expressions are also the carved pulpit, the 16th Century organ restored by Gerald Grenzing, the carving of Saint Blas, dating from the 15th Century and the holy chalice, donated by Juan Pérez Villamil. There is also a plaque landmarking the site where mortal remains of the illustrated writer Jovellanos were provisionally buried for three years.


Church of Santa Marina of Puerto de Vega

Church of San Miguel de Anleo

Founded in the 11th Century by Fernando Suárez y Aldena and his wife, it was reformed in the 14th Century by Casa de Navia Municipal Board, since then becoming a burial site. The monumental archway, which leads to the presbytery, still remains. Its inside, reformed in 1613, has three naves, a square-based tower covered by a pyramid roof and a portico with Tuscan columns. Its 12th - 13th   Century late Romanesque Calvary representation, a 19th Century ivory Christ from the Philippines and 17th Century tableaux are remarkable. The adjacent chapel La Regla is consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

Church San Miguel of Anleo


Santuary of Nuestra Señora de Villaoril

Rebuilt in 1613 by Juan Álvaro de Navia-Osorio, it has a 17th Century baroque altarpiece and a tombstone of a nun called Aragonti dating back to 926. In 1968 the building was enlarged. Next to it there is a holy fountain, Fuente Santa, with a stone-carved transept.


Sanctuary of our Lady of Villaoril

Church of Santiago de Villapedre

Built in the 18th Century (1707), it is consecrated to the Apostle Santiago. We can trace back the church history by reading the engraved inscription on a pillar: the central nave with its side aisles, arches and pillars appear to have been donated by the local patron family Trelles Navia y Villamil, joined at patronage by the Fernández de Cuetos, families who thus have remained closely bound to this church forever. As a sign for their support, both families' coats of arms have received prominent locations in the building. In 1996 the church underwent a comprehensive restauration. At both sides of the tower there is an inner arcade covered with a tracery vault. Most noteworthy artwork includes: an image of St. James Pilgrim, two images of Santiago Matamoros, the altar of St. Anna and St. Joachim among other artistic pieces.


Church Santiago Villapedre

 Church of San Pedro de Andés

Opened on 30th June 1973, this temple consecrated to St. Peter was built on a former 18th Century church.


Parish Church of San Pedro of Andés

Chapel of La Atalaya

Built in 1613 on the foundations of a 15th Century Medieval church, it houses the image of the patron saint of sailors Nuestra Señora de la Atalaya.

Chapel of Atalaya

Chapel of Lebrón– Puerto de Vega

Located in La Peral, near Campo de la Atalaya, it was built in the 18th Century,  ordered by Domingo Pérez Lebrón y Lanza, a wealthy merchant, chief of the

tradeguild of Vega. The chapel has a magnificent vault and a gorgeous granite steeple.


Chapel LeBron

Parish Church of San Bartolomé of Polavieja

Church construction of the year 1967 in honor of the Patron Saint Bartholomew, whose feast is celebrated on August 24. The old parish church was the patronage of the House of Navia.

Parish Church of San Bartolomé of Polavieja

Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Located on the bridge Estebanda, this chapel belonged to Ramona Fernández Villamil, passing on to the heirs of Sixto Fernández. It is a small rectangular-shaped chapel with a gable roof. It shows a magnificent golden Baroque altarpiece from the 18th Century consecrated to Nuestra Señora del Carmen. In the central aisle there is a relief representing the Purgatory containing the Virgen del Carmen, who already in the Middle Ages was considered a protector of human souls by S. de la Vorágine. In the side aisles you can find the niches of Saint Gregorio and Saint Roque, venerated by the Menéndez de Vigo family, who promoted the Fellowship Virgen del Carmen, founded in 1754.

Capilla Ntra. Ms. del Carmen

Chapel and Ntra Capellania. Ms. the relief and Sto Angel de la Guarda

It was founded by D. Antonio Fernández the Ribero and Loredo and Mayor Fernández Talaya, as you can be read in an inscription of the coat of arms Foundation, located in la casona de Trelles. The chapel holds the Loredo weapons, with the inscription "these arms and coat of arms of House of Loredo"

Chapel and Ntra Capellania. Ms. the relief and Sto Angel de la Guarda
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