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Holidays in the municipality of Navia festivals of the Villa of Navia:

August 15. Our Lady of la Barca.

The patron saint of the village is our Lady de la Barca, that it appeared on the high seas to some fishermen, according to tradition, surprised by a storm is calm I just they imploraron their name. The big day, after the greater mass is removed the image of the Virgin in procession along the River in the high tide of the evening, guarded by boats engalonadas.


On August 16. San Roque. He is also venerated as patron San Roque.


On August 17. The Jira. As a CODA to these three feast days is a picnic in the incomparable setting of Veigas Arenas.


On June 24. San Juan. Has much resonance in recent years the celebration of San Juan in whose night turns on the famous "Amancio Fogueira"

International descent to swim of the Ria of Navia. Declared "Fiesta of national tourist interest, which combines sports and party."


Festivals in Puerto de Vega: from 7 to 10 September. The Telayas. Festivals in honour of its patron the Virgen of the watchtower. Festivities in honour of the Patron Saint, the Virgin of the Atalaya ending the day 10 the Jira to Frejulfe.

Other holidays in the municipality: These are the holidays more known and to attract more number of people:


Andés, June 29 St. Peter

Villapedre, July 25. Santiago

Piñera, 6 of gosto. San salvador

Polavieja, 24 August Bartholomew

Talarén, on September 2. San Antolín

Villaoril, September 28 Ntra. Ms. Villaoril

Anleo, 29 September. San Miguel.


Navia Turismo
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