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Route along  the coast of Navia

Access: From Navia, along the road N-634 in the direction of Luarca, you must follow an alternative routing to Puerto de Vega through the local road NV-7. On the right side, there ia a path, which is the origin of the route.

Course: The route starts in Puerto de Vega in the direction of the town of Vigo; the mentioned path takes us to the river Barayo's riverside, and then to Barayo beach and to the Natural Reserve. From that point we will go all along the seaside towards Puerto de Vega. 

If we continue to the west, we will see the Losera beach and La Isla, then we will cross the village of Soirana to arrive at Frejulfe Beach. In the next stretch, we will find a great number of small beaches - Fabal, Coedo, la Bragada and Moro beach - to finish the route in Navia beach.

We must have a car at the end of the route, regardless the direction we have followed.

Coast naviega
Coast Naviega
Coast Naviega
St. James Way
St. James Way, on the western part of Asturias, is part of the North Way, which starts in Irún and goes through the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, until St. James of Compostella.
St. James way
When the population knew about the pilgrimage of Alfonso II to the tomb of the Apostole St. James, they began to do it all along the North, as it was the area  free of Moors. The route that goes through the county of Navia is as follows: Luarca-Navia-La Caridad-Tapia de Casariego, to cross the Eo estuary either from Castropol or from Abres.
Senda the gun
Ruta de Anleo

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